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In the road confirmation tune video for the Ecumaster you use MegaLogViewer to get a view of the logged data and changes to be made to the VE table.

The ecumaster has a pretty good built-in autotune functionality which seems to do exactly what you were doing using a separate tool.

Is there a reason why you chose not to use the built-in functionality?

I've used it a couple times and for relevant ranges it has definitely helped iron out some fueling issues.

A simple case of loading a data log, turning on auto-tune, defining the parameters (rpm range, etc) and then seeing what VE table changes it proposes.

Based on where it detects "issues" and the sample count, I then applied the changes.

Hi Patrick

Great Question

yes the auto tune function works well,

but for the purpose of this video it was decided to show the megalog Viewer so it is relevant to other ecus as well

Regards Ross