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So basically base pulsewidth (injector scaling) on Motec MX00 ecus, is the cycle time of the injector? or is it the duty cycle? How is this number set? Can it be configured manually or does the data have to be uploaded as part of an injector characterization file from motec?

Link to video:

This number is the base injector pulse width before any compensations are applied. If you set this to 8 ms then with a number of 100% in the fuel table at 100 kPa the injector would receive an 8 ms pulse width. There are background compensations for MAP where the pulse width doubles when MAP doubles to maintain a consistent fuel delivery. This information isn't part of the injector characterisation and will depend on the size of the injector and the fuel demand of the engine.

Ok, I understand. and all other pulsewidth timings at other RPM bands would be a percentage of this base pulsewidth?

Yes sir!