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Why did you get so little power from this car?

I mean course syvecs

The engines aren't very powerful in stock form, and tuning can only do so much.

It seems to me that these engines were 220hp oem

My stock audi s3 8p has more power

Well, the horses in NZ are very large...

Also, be sure you are not comparing flywheel HP without accessories (the way a manufacturer provides HP ratings) with the rear-wheel power measured by a dyno. In general unless the exact same dyno brand is used, you can't often compare results from one dyno to the next with any real confidence.

Olaf, that's a very bold claim - the only way you can even think of justifying it is if both vehicles were on the same dyno', on the same day, under the same circumstances.

NOTE, stickers don't actually give more power.

I still can't get my head around it- why the hell in XXI century different dynos can measure different power of the same car while there is only one correct hp in this universe?)))) Automotive industry is really out of order))

thanks for the reply Daniel Ferguson explains it all.

I know Gord ,the stickers don't add horsepower but this is the original Audi S3 which is made of stage 1 and 304hp. After the results I saw in Andre, I got confused and wanted some answers.