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If I am using a cam with a decent amount of overlap I will need to use a richer Idle AFR target. This I have wrapped up, where I am fuzzy is what to do with cruise. For example if I am using a 0.95 Lambda at Idle to account for the reversion from the cam overlap, would I use this target in cruise up to 80 kpa and then do a smooth interpolation to 100 kpa using 90 kpa as a transition or would I use Lambda 1 in cruise?



I would choose the lambda target that produces the smoothest running or maximum torque. Generally maximum torque will allow a lower throttle in cruise which can help the fuel economy, however if this doesn't result in smooth running, then you will need to adjust toward whatever value produces the smoothest running in cruise.


Thank you very much for clarifying that. It wasn't clicking for me.