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Intake cam control

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Should the cam control be set to zero during the initial tuning of fuel and ignition? I am going to tune a 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport with Intake cam control using Haltech elite 2500.

I would set it to something close to what the stock ECU uses.

From the obd, it show vvt gap which fluctuates from 0.176 degree to 5 degree.. The service manual doesn't states the angle as well.. What would be you advice?

Does the workshop manual provide any hints as the the range of control? If you have absolutely no idea, I would just disconnect the control solenoid / oil valve so it defaults to it's most retarded position. Get the engine running / idling. Then work on getting the cam control to work at all.

Once you can control the cam, then you can set your ECU to closed loop fueling (so it will adjust as you change the engines VE), and try changing the CAM target while running steady-state on the dyno to see what it wants. Likely ramping from a few degrees around idle / low load, to 30 deg or more at WOT and 2500 RPM, probably tapers off starting about 4-5000 RPM and would be back to near zero at redline.

This webinar might be useful to you:


The service manual doesn't states the angle. Anyway I will give your method a shot. Will keep you updated. Thank you.