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Table shaping with Load based %TP axis

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello, in the video about Table Configuration on the module Road Calibration, you add a plus 2% in the fuel VE table per 10 KPa. I was wondering if an increase of a 2% in the fuel table per each 10% TP increase would be ok too.

Thank you so much.

For Alpha-N calibrations (that's what TPS vs. RPM fuel table is), you will find that fuel requirements rise quickly for the first 10% -15% throttle, but from 20% up, the 2% per 10% throttle is probably OK. At low engine speed (say < 2000 rpm), when you get to about 50-60% throttle the fuel table is almost flat as the engine can get all the air it needs without any more throttle.

BTW - you should set breakpoints for TPS at like 0, 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, then continue in 10-20% steps. You will need increased resolution at low throttle. I suggest setting one breakpoint at exactly the throttle position your throttle stop is set to. Makes tuning the idle fueling easier with only speed interpolation to contend with.